Selle Royal has commissioned leading comic artists, product designers, graphic illustrators and animators from across Europe and America to create an exclusive set of 25 saddle-based artworks.
The 25 artworks are the first in an annual non-profit initiative that seeks to raise awareness of key societal issues. Just three of each striking design will be made, each signed by the artist.
This is my artwork for the project
Full project HERE
About Selle Royal

Selle Royal has been a world-leading bicycle saddle brand for over 50 years. Our history is one of continuous innovation built on research, technology, and advanced design. Selle Royal exports to over 70 countries worldwide and is the choice of many important and prestigious bicycle manufacturers. Our saddles have won numerous design awards and are today the subject of scientific research in the bio-engineering laboratories of major European Universities.

About Project UP

Project UP is a non-profit initiative to bring attention to key societal issues, including – equality, environmental responsibility, obesity and poverty. Launched in 2015, the inaugural project brought together 25 leading illustrators and graphic artists specialising in animation, comics and graffiti to create five series of saddle-based artworks. Just three of each design were made and all given away to fans, the artists, and to museum exhibits.

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